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#1. 7 + 3^2 (-5 + 1) ÷ 2.
#2. -3x^3 - 4x for x = -1.
#3. What is the fractional equivalent of 0.2323...?
#4. Which of the following shows the correct order of the given numbers?

1, 1, 1.6

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    1. What is divided by 2? The total? The amount in parenthesis?

    2. for x = -1, -x^3 = -1

    4. Correct order, if going from lowest to highest value.

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    If X = 0.2323... then 100X = 23.2323..., so 99X = 23.2323... - 0.2323... = 23. So X = 23/99. 23 is a prime number, so you can't simplify that any more.

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