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1. If m1= 3kg and m2= 2kg then find acceleration and tension action on the system.

2. A batsman deflects a ball by an angle 45 degree without changing its initial speed which is equal to 54km/hr.What is the impulse imparted to the bal.(mass of the ball is .15kg)

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    1. What system? Is there a figure that goes with this question?

    2. Convert the 54 km/h speed to 15.0 m/s. Compute the velocity change vector.
    Multiply that by 0.15 kg for the momentum change, which equals the impulse.

    54 km/h is a VERY slow pitch (33.5 mph). A 45 degree deflection would be a foul tip.

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    yes there is a figure with this question but how to draw?

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