math- adding and subracting intergers

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what is the value of -27 - 8?

a. -35
b. -19
c. 19
d. 35

what the solution 40 + (-11)?

a. -51
b. -29
c. 29
d. 51

what the value of -31 + 30?

a. -61
b. -1
c. 1
d. 61

Can u check my answers?

here they are:

if they r wrong plz tell me the right ones

  • math- adding and subracting intergers -

    on 3 i meant c sorry

  • math- adding and subracting intergers -

    Please try again. All of your answers are wrong.

    1. -27 -8 = -35

    Study this site to help you with the other two.

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