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How much dil HCL (10% w/w) HCL specific gravity = 1.045 would be required to prepare 2000ml of a solution containing 0.005 molar HCL? HCL m.w.t = 36.5

Who try to solve for me. Please help

The right answer is 34.9ml

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    Please check your post for typos. The answer isn't 34.9 mL. Using your numbers.
    10% ww HCl means 10g HCl/100 g solution.
    mols HCl = g/molar mass = 10/36.5 = 0.274
    Volume of 100 g soln = mass/density = 100/1.045 = 95.69 = 0.09569 L
    M 10% soln = 0.274/0.09568 = 2.86M
    M x L = M x L
    0.005M x 2 L = 2.86 M x ?L
    Solve for ?L. I obtained 0.0035L or 3.50 mL.

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