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Elementary Algebra

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I need an explanation on how to work out
negative exponents. Example: (3a^-2b^3)^-2

  • Elementary Algebra -

    (3a^-2b^3)^-2 =
    1/(3a^-2*b^3)2 =
    Square everything inside the parenthesis:
    1/(9a^-4*b^6) = a^4/9b^6.

    NOTE: Never leave neg. exponents in your answer. To remove the neg. exponent
    from 1/a^-4, multiply numerator and
    denominator by a^4:
    1/a^-4 = 1*a^4/a^-4*a^4 = a^4/1 = a^4.
    We,actually, moved a^-2 to the numerator
    and changed the sign.

  • Elementary Algebra -

    Correction: We,actually, moved a^-4 to
    the numerator and changed the sign of the exponent.

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