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Algebra 1

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The University of Selectivity had an acceptance rate of 20 percent for the year 2006, with an incoming class of 300 freshmen. Between 2006 and 2007, the number of applications they received increased by 30 percent, but the number of students admitted remained the same. Rounded to the nearest percent, what is the university’s acceptance rate for 2007?

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    The number accepted was 300 both years.
    There were 1500 applications in 2006.
    There were 1.3*1500 = 1950 applications in 2007.
    300/1950 = 15.385% is the 2007 acceptance rate.
    Round that off to 15%

    You don't need algebra for this.

    You can also calculate
    (1/1.3)*0.2 directly, and get the same answer

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