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I just need help understanding something.
My homework reads: These chapters introduced you to the role of art in architecture in each of these cultures (Early Christian, Byzantine, and Islamic art), the link they provide me is suppose to give me access to significant architectural contributions of this time. Then i have to choose one architectural example from each of the following periods. Please explain what they mean ?

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    Have you read the chapters?

    Have you studied the link?

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    yeah i read the chapters and i looked through the pictures in the links. And like i don't know if they want me to like, find a building that has the same features seen in the Byzantine, etc. or what. Like one building i found had the same exterior features, but it didn't have the same interior features. And for Byzantine, in my book it shows that they have domes, and i cannot find a building with a dome. I found one but i looked it up and it said its not byzantine style.. but it looks like it!

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    Check out these pictures.

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    yeah i found a building like that but it doesnt have the same interior features as Byzantine. Do u think so long it has the same exterior it will still count?

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