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1. As expressed in your readings, which of these statements best expresses the crucial paradox of the
twentieth century?
A. Human life is disregarded as nations seek global security.
B. War in the name of liberty leads to tyranny.
C. Human life is devalued in exchange for freedom.
D. A war for ideals inevitable corrupts those ideals.
Answer: A
2. During China's Cultural Revolution, the intellectuals were persecuted because they
A. were perceived as being too democratic.
B. embraced Western ideology and scholarship.
C. introduced radical change to the great traditions.
D. were the carriers of the great traditions.
Answer: c
3. At the 1939 New York World's Fair, the Tomorrow Town failed to generate the kind of interest it was
intended to because it
A. wasn't advertised well enough.
B. consisted of only futuristic exhibits.
C. wasn't geared to the average citizen.
D. was poorly organized.
Answer: b
4. Winston Churchill's speech, "The Sinews of Peace," became known as the _______ speech.
A. "Cold War"
B. "Iron Curtain"
C. "Victory"
D. "United Nations"
Answer: A

5. After World War II, Winston Churchill argued that the United Nations should be
A. controlled by the United States government.
B. given control of all atomic weapons.
C. allowed to attack communist states.
D. given an armed force.
Answer: A

6. In Churchill's speech, he said that a special relationship between the United Sates and the British
Commonwealth states would
A. give a new voice to the poor of the world.
B. would lead to a universal principle of common citizenship.
C. delay the development of a more peaceful world order.
D. be vital to the development of a more peaceful world.

7.Answer: B
According to Hilberg, after World War II, any Jew, anywhere in the world, who would have been
eligible for extermination in Germany in 1942 was commonly identified as a member of a community of
A. the condemned.
B. race.
C. fate.
D. faith
Answer: C
8. In World War I, Germany forged an alliance with Turkey to avail itself of Turkey's
A. military strength.
B. geographical location.
C. armaments stockpile.
D. English-made battleships.
Answer: A

9. What two "giant marauders" did Winston Churchill identify in his famous speech?
A. War and tyranny
B. Poverty and privation
C. War and injustice
D. Tyranny and faithlessness
Answer: C
10. Post-war Germany's response to the Holocaust was to
A. distance themselves from it.
B. attempt reparations
C. try to justify it.
D. to claim it never happened.
Answer: D
11. What event set World War I into motion?
A. Turkey's attacking Russian cities along the Black Sea
B. The assassination of the heir to Austria-Hungary's throne
C. Britain and France's attacking Germany's ally, Turkey
D. Germany's seeking a treaty with Turkey
Answer: A

12. Lihua told her interviewer that the Chinese must "eat bitterness." What was the context of her
A. She was comparing life in Peking with life in her rural village.
B. She was referring to the lies of the Communist government.
C. She was comparing life in China before and after the Communist victory of 1949.
D. She was referring to the inadequate diet of the Chinese people.
Answer: B
13. At Gold Mountain, during Mao's Great Leap Forward, how did a government ministry feel that the
peasants could increase their supply of fertilizer?
A. Human waste could be gathered and used as fertilizer.
B. They could sell locally mined coal to earn money for buying fertilizer.
C. The peasants could trade their agricultural produce for fertilizer.
D. The peasants could cut down and burn trees, then spread the ash over the fields.
Answer: A

14. In the view of Gardner Harding, which of these exhibits conformed best to the spirit of the New York
World's Fair?
A. Communications exhibit
B. Pottery exhibit
C. Maritime exhibit
D. House Furnishings building
Answer: C
15. In his 1992 speech, what did Gorbachev say should be done to the United Nations?
A. Its charter should be rewritten.
B. Its membership should be limited.
C. Its membership should be expanded.
D. It should be abolished.
Answer: A

16. According to the reading, the 1939 New York World's Fair exceeded all other world fairs in
A. attendance.
B. revenue.
C. technological exhibits.
D. international participation.
Answer: B
17. The United States' victory in the Cold War was largely due to its
A. stronger military.
B. possession of nuclear weapons.
C. stronger economy.
D. larger stockpile of weapons.
18. A ________ military mission, sent to Turkey in 1913 to reorganize that nation's army, provoked
furious resentment in Russia.
A. German
B. Belgian
C. British
D. French
Answer: B
19. What was the effect of the passing of the Nuremberg laws?
A. Judaism was made illegal and punishable by imprisonment.
End of exam
B. German Jews' rights and citizenship were revoked.
C. The Nazi party was allowed to operate openly.
D. A German dictatorship was instated.
Answer: A

20. After World War II, the Jewish population did not demand revenge on Germany because they
A. were trying to assimilate in their societies.
B. couldn't do so because of their religious beliefs.
C. were afraid of drawing attention to themselves.
D. didn't want to reopen the wound.
Answer: C

  • readings in world civilization -

    Arrgh! I just wasted 20 minutes of my time trying to check your first 10 answers. I don't know about 1 and 3 -- but the others are wrong.

    Do not post more pure idiotic guesses.

  • readings in world civilization -

    The answer is one that you must learn for yourself my friend...

  • readings in world civilization -

    What accounted for the mass emigration from Ireland to America in the nineteenth century?

    A. England's refusal to grant Ireland sovereignty
    B. The scarcity of food in the British Isles
    C. The wars between Catholics and Protestants
    D. The job opportunities available in America

  • readings in world civilization -

    Aside from it's side Corliss steam engine remarkable because it

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