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A car with fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror by a single string drives along at a
constant 25.0 m/s. a) If the dice have a mass of 0.030 kg, what is the angle of the string (relative to
vertical)? b) What is the tension in the string? c) As the driver takes a turn with a radius of 150.0 m,
what will the angle then be? (at same speed) d) What is the tension in the string during this turn?

  • Physics -

    (a) v=const, a=0 =>α =0,
    m•v² /R=T•sin α,
    m•g=T•cos α.
    m•v²/R•m•g=T•sin α/T• cos α.
    v²/R •g = tan α.
    α =arctan(v²/R •g).

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