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PLEASE ANSWER ASAP!!!!!!!!!! step by step

a) find the acceleration experienced by the driver of a car traveling at 50km/h if the car hits a pole and crumples 50cm.

b) repeat part a) for a car traveling 100km/h

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    a) Vo = 50 km/h = 13.89 m/s
    T = "Crumpling time" = X/(Vo/2)
    = 2*0.50 m/13.89 m/s = 0.072 s
    (Vo/2 is the average speed of the car during crumpling)
    Acceleration = Vo/T = Vo^2/(2X)
    = 193 m/s^2

    b) It is not reasonable to assume that the crumple distance will remain 50 cm at the higher speed. More information is needed.

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    can you explain it a bit clearer

  • Physics -

    v=50 km/h =50000/3600=13.89 m/s
    For accelerated motion
    s=vₒt+at²/2 … (1)
    Final v=0 => t= -vₒ/a.
    Substitute “t” in (1)
    a= - vₒ²/2•s= - (13.89)²/2•0.5=
    = - 195.9 m/s²

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