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f(x) (x^2+lnx)(2+e^2)


f(x)= (3x+x^4)^(3/2)/(7x^2-1)

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    for the first one, since 2+e^2 is a constant, you simply get

    f'(x) = (2+e^2)(2x + 1/x)

    (are you sure there was no typo ?)

    for the 2nd use the quotient rule, give it a try, let me know what you got

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    the first one should be (x^2+lnx)(2+e^x) sorry

  • Calc -

    f(x) = (x^2+lnx)(2+e^x)

    f'(x) = (x^2 + lnx)(e^x) + (2+e^x)(2x + 1/x)

    I used the product rule,
    expand and simplify if needed

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