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age days in hospital
40 11
36 9
30 10
27 5
24 12

a. draw a scatter diagram (completed)

b. does there appear to be a correlation between age and number days in the hospital? no Find the r value for this problem to verify your answer? R=.16
c what is the regression equation for the data? y=.07+7.35

The book has 0.065x+7.35 how did they get that answer.

d.use the equation to predict the length of stay for a patient who is 32 years old. do you beleive this predicaiton is reliable? why or why not?
I am not sure how to solve d.

  • statistic -

    Your answer appears to be the same as the book (except you are missing the "x" with .07). The difference is you rounded to two places, instead of three.

    For d), substitute 32 for x into the regression equation and solve for predicted y.

    I hope this helps.

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