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A sinusoidal wave traveling on a string is moving in the positive x-direction. The wave has a wavelength of 6 m, a frequency of 48 Hz, and an amplitude of 9 cm. What is the wave function for this wave? (Use any variable or symbol stated above as necessary.)

I know the answer is 0.09sin(0.33pi(x) - 96.00pi(t)), but how do you get the coefficient 0.33 for the x-direction? I'm aware of how to get the rest of it.

From what I understand of my text book's explanation, I've tried using (2pi)/wavelength; however, this gives me roughly 1.05.

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    Any help is appreciated.

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    According to the equation of the wave
    the displacement of the particle
    ξ(t)=A•sin(2 π•x/λ -2•π•f•t ) =
    =0.09•sin((2 π/6)•x -2•π•48•t )=
    =0.09•sin(0.33 π• x - 96π•t )

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    I see where my mistake was. I multiplied in the pi when I wasn't supposed to. This question had an obvious answer.

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