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Which "average" would be best to use in the following situation?

The accountant for a small company is asked to determine the average salary of its employees. The company is owned by two brothers who each make over $300,000 per year. The accountant makes $80,000 per year. The salaries of the other eighteen employees of the company vary by years of experience and job title, but all fall in the $25,000 - $45,000 range.

my answer this would be a mean , not a mode or median.

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    The mean would not reflect the salaries of the 18 employees -- but would be way above their salaries.

    In this case I think the median would give a more accurate picture of the average salary of the company's employees.

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    I guess to look at it would fall into the salary range. i was looking at average is how i got my answer thanks!

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    You're welcome.

    (2 * 300,000) + 80,000 + (18 * 35,000) / 21 = 62,380.95

    That is almost $20,000 higher than the highest paid employee.

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