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Please help, I need to describe the effect of the perspective presented in the Madonna and Child with the Emperors Justinian and Constantine.

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    Im not sure how to answer it. Because in the painting, the Madonna and Child and obviously are suppose to appear in the background, and the two emperors are standing before them. So the Madonna is part of the perspective. I think it has to do with something with the platform they're standing on.. which makes her appear farther into the picture.

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    Currently doing the same assignment. I think that the artist attempts to create the perspective through the arrangement of the standing figures. Because Madonna is standing on a platform, her feet are higher in the painting, making her appear as if she is standing father into the mosaic. Justinian and Constantine are painted further down with their feet at the bottom of the mosaic, thus, making them appear as if they are facing Madonna from the front. Hope that helped. Good luck.

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