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verify each identity

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    For this to be true, you must mean
    tan(x/2) = tanx/(secx+1)

    let Ø = x/2

    then we are proving that
    tanØ = tan 2Ø/(sec 2Ø + 1)

    RS = (sin 2Ø/cos 2Ø)/(1/cos 2Ø + 1)
    = (sin 2Ø /cos 2Ø)/( (1 + cos 2Ø)/cos 2Ø
    = sin 2Ø/(1 + cos 2Ø)
    = 2sinØcosØ/(1 + 2cos^2 Ø - 1)
    = sinØ/cosØ
    = tanØ or tan (x/2)
    = LS

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