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Breast feeding sometimes results in a temporary loss of bone mass as calcium is depleted in the mother's body to provide for milk production. An investigation gave the following data on total body bone mineral content (g) for a sample of mothers both during breast feeding (B) and in the postweaning period (P).
Subject 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
B 2516 2087 2707 2376 2253 2311 2591 2195 2574 2117
P 2560 2164 2736 2465 2357 2505 2617 2218 2773 2195
Do the data suggest that true average total body bone mineral content during postweaning exceeds that during breast feeding by more than 25 g? State and test the appropriate hypotheses using a significance level of .05. (Use a statistical computer package to calculate P-value.)
t = (Round the answer to two decimal places.)
df =
P-value = (Round the answer to three decimal places.)

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