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Algebra 116

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in 2000, In a country A, the average family net worth was &270,000, and there were about 6.3 x 10^7 families. Calculate the total family net worth in Country A in 2000.

What is the Country A's total family net worth ?

  • Algebra 116 -

    You must be having an identity crisis. You've posted several similar problems -- all under different names.

    Please use the same name for your posts.

  • Algebra 116 -

    mmmm.. I didn't think names matter since there is nothing post on this website about having the same name for each post. Unless I missed it but it will be nice if you can you me where that is at so next time my self and everyone else will know about name posting.

  • Algebra 116 -

    missed couple of words, but I know you will understand it.

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