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A 0.8378 g sample of calcium oxalate is heated to 1000oC,
CaC2O4 = CaO + CO + CO2
(a) the moles of CaO remaining after ignition
(b) the mmoles of CO evolved
(c) the weight of CO2 produced.

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    mols CaC2O4 initially = g/molar mass = ?
    All of the reactants and products are 1:1 so conversion of one to the other is easy.
    mols CaO = mols CaC2O4 = mols CO = mols CO2
    a) mols CaO = mols CaC2O4
    b) mols CO x 1000 = mmoles CO
    c) g CO2 = mols CO2 x molar mass CO2

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