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Grade 9 Chemistry (2)

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What is one way in which Noble Gases are different from other elements?
a. Noble Gases have low boiling points
b. Noble gases have high melting points
c. Noble gases have extremely high densities
d. Noble gases have unusually high atomic masses

Also, what is a 'valence energy level"?

All I know about noble gases is that they don't have any unpaired electrons in their 'valence energy levels', and that they are inert and do not react to form compounts.

  • Grade 9 Chemistry (2) -

    You are right. The have complete octets in their valence shell and they don't form very many compounds.
    I think of the choices, none which are really good, I would pick A.
    You know d can't be true since He has a molar mass of 4 and that isn't unusually high. You know c can't be right since He is a very low density. You know b can't be right since all of them are gases. That leaves only A which isn't a great answer because low is a relative term; i.e., just how low is low. But A is the best choice there.

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