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General Chemistry

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At STP, a 5.00L flask filled with air has a mass of 543.251g. The air in the flask is replaced with another gas and the mass of the flask is 566.107g. The density of air is 1.29g/L. What is the gas that replaced the air?

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    density air = 1.29 g/L; therefore, the 5.00 L air has a mass of 1.29*5.00 L = ?g
    543.251 = mass flask + mass air
    -? g = mass air from above.
    x = mass flask.

    566.107 = mass flask + unknown gas
    -x = mass flask from above.
    y = mass unknown gas.

    y*22.4/5.00 = molar mass gas.
    Look on periodic chart for gas.

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    substituting all values in the above discussion would yield 131.25 g/mol. This element is Xenon. :D

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