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i don't know how to put it in words for brave but here is part of the story:

she'd been living in a cabin for almost 3 months when she awakened one morning by someone kicking open the cabin door.she opened her eyes to see the blurry end of a rifle, two inches from her nose.

she could smell trout walker's dirty feet. youve got exactly ten seconds to tell me where you've hidden your loot,"said trout. "or else ill blow your head off."

she yawned.

a readheaded woman was there with trout.kate could see her rummaging through the cabin, dumping drawers and knocking things from the shelves of the cabins.

the woman came to her. "where is it?" she demanded."linda miller?" asked kate. "is that you?"

linda miller was in 4th grade when kate barlow was still a teacher. she had been a cute freckled faced girl with beautiful red hair. now her face was blotchy, and her hair was dirty and scraggly.

"its linda walker now,"said trout
"oh linda, im so sorry,:said kate
trout jabbed her throat with the rifle, "wheres the loot?"
"there is no loot,"said kate.
"dont give me that!,"shouted trout. youve robbed every bank from here to houston."

you better tell him,"said linda. "we're desperate.

you married him for his money, didn't you?"asked kate.linda nodded."but its all gone. it dried up with the lake.

(ms.sue read this first, then ill send you the next 2 pages

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    Is this in the book, Holes? I have this book.

    Kate showed her bravery when she didn't appear upset when Trout threatened her.

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