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a 3.00g sample of baking soda is heated and decomposes according to the reaction below. Calculate the theoretical yield in grams for each of the three products Na2Co3. H2O, CO2

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    2NaHCO3 ==> Na2CO3 + H2O + CO2

    mols NaHCO3 = 3.00/molar mass NaHCO3.
    Convert mols NaHCO3 to kols Na2CO3. mols Na2CO3 = mols NaHCO3 x (1 mol Na2CO3/2 mol NaHCO3) = ?
    Then grams = mols Na2CO3 x molar mass Na2CO3 = theoretical yield.

    H2O and CO2 are done th same way. You start with the same number mols NaHCO3 but have different conversion factors and different molar masses for grams of each.

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