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22. What connection can be drawn between Dickens's father and Tom?
Both worked in a bank. Both favored straight facts.
Both were irresponsible with money. Both had a gambling problem.
23. How do innovations in farming methods contribute to population growth?
They results in greater food production and healthier diets. They create more jobs for farmers.
They lead to inventions that take stress off workers, which contributes to increased pregnancy rates. They deemphasize the importance of work, leading to emphasis on child-rearing.
24. Which two traits are most common in novels written during the Victorian era?
a romantic story and a first person point of view a realistic story and a third person omniscient narrator
a satire tone and an industrial setting a serious tone and a third person omniscient narrator
25. Which of the following characters does NOT leave Coketown?
Stephen Blackpool Tom Gradgrind
Mr. Bounderby Mr. Harthouse
26. Hard Times opens with Gradgrind's call for facts. As a novel, Hard Times is obviously a piece of fiction. What does this suggest about Dickens?
Dickens is impartial to the emphasis of fact or fancy. Dickens cares more for imagination and fancy than straight facts.
Dickens favors facts over any type of imagination that fancy provides. Dickens is poking fun at those who believe facts are the source of intellectual pleasure.
28. What was the primary concern of factory owners during the Industrial Revolution?
living conditions of the poor quality of their products
well-being of employees speedy production
29. Where did most of the population live during the Industrial Revolution?
farms in cities
in the mountains by the sea

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