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A shot-putter with an initial speed of 16m/s at 32 degree angle to the horizontal.

Calculate the horizontal distance traveled by the shot if it leaves the athletes hand at a height of 2.05m above the ground?

  • Physics -

    Upwards motion
    At the top point
    0= vₒ-g•t1,
    t1= vₒ/g=16/9.8=1.63.
    h=vₒ•t1-g•t1²/=16•1.63-9.8•(1.63)²/2 =13 m.
    L1= vₒ•cos32•t1=16•0.85•1.63=22 m.
    H=h+hₒ=13+2.05=15.05 m.
    t2=sqrt(2H/g) = sqrt(2•15.05/9.8) =1.75 s.
    L2= vₒ•cos32•t2=16•0.85•1.75=23.8 m.
    L =L1+L2 = 22+23.8 = 45.8 m.

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