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Thank you, Writeacher.
Here is the last part of the same summary. Could you please check it?

1) The names of the ingredients are reported using an international code, INCI which is the same for all EU countries though it is also used in other countries, for example USA, Russia, Brazil, Canada, etc.
2) This classification contains some terms that usually refer to Latin botanical names and ingredients present in the pharmacopoeia, while most of the terms are in English.
3) The fragrance blends should not be listed one by one, but simply with the word "perfume" or "parfum" in English. The same holds true for flavoring which should be given with the term "aroma".It 's very important to read the label of all the products we purchase, of any kind it is.
4) In the case of cosmetics, read the label helps us make better use of the product purchased, especially if we have sensitive skin and if we are allergic to or tolerant to some substance.

  • Art -

    3) Delete the last five words.

    I don't know what you mean about the term aroma for flavoring.

    4) . . .reading the label . . .

    or intolerant of some . . .

    Everything else is ok.

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