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An electron moves on a circular orbit in a uniform magnetic field. The strength of the field is 1.00×10-5 tesla. The kinetic energy of the electron is 178.0 eV. (1 eV = 1 electron volt = 1.6 ×10−19 joules.) Calculate the radius of the orbit.
(electron parameters: the charge is -e where e = 1.602×10-19 C; the mass is m = 9.11×10-31 kg.)

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    KE =m•v²/2,
    v= sqrt(2•Ke/m) = sqrt(2•178•1.6•10^-19/9.11•10^-31) =7.9•10^6.
    Lorentz force
    Since the circular orbit, sinα = 1.
    mv²/R = q•v•B.
    R= m•v/q•B = m•v/e•B =
    =9.11•10^-31•7.9•10^6/1.6•10^-19•1•10^5 =4.5•10^-10 m

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