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After reading Holes by Louis Sachar, you will complete the book reporting bingo assignment. You will select any five boxes in a row from the board, in any direction across, down, or diagonally, to create a bingo.

Each assignment must:

•Be neat

•Be complete

•Be done on paper no larger than 9 x 12.

•Have your first and last name on them.

When you have five completed assignments staple them all together.

Summer Science Poster

Please select one of the four solar-energy-based topics listed below to research. Based on your research you are to create a poster that details what you learned. Please make a bibliography of the resources that you used for your information, to go along with your poster.

Solar Energy Topics (choose one)

• Solar cars

• Solar cooking

• The sun

• Solar homes

Your poster will be graded on content, creativity, and neatness.

No science boards (tri-broads)!!!

Any assignment done on a tri-broad will be returned and need to be redone!!!

Summer Math Assignment
Please create your own set of multiplication flash cards for all tables from two to twelve. Flash cards should be on 3 x 5 cards, have a problem on one side, and the answer on the other. Students are to use their flash cards to practice their times tables over the summer. They must have all tables memorized by September. Please bring flash cards to school on the first day. Students will be tested on all tables on the first day of school. Also included below is a list of math websites that contain games.


Choose an important event from a book. Write a poem, song, or rap lyric about that event.

Write a good paragraph that begins this way:

[­A character in the book] reminds me of me because…

Design a new cover for a book. Explain why you think your design is a good one for that book.

Who was your favorite character in the book? What did you like about him/her? Describe what you would do with him/her on a Saturday afternoon

Write a postcard that someone might send from Camp Green Lake.

Write a good paragraph that begins this way:

I would most like to talk to [a character in a book]. I would ask…

Describe the setting of the book. If you were to write this book, where would you have it take place?

Choose an event in the book you read. Write up that event as a newspaper article. Be sure to include who, what, when, where, and why.

Create a map of Stanley and Zero’s journey from and then back to camp.

Choose an important event in a book. Create a comic strip that conveys what happened.

Summarize what the book was about in 3-4 paragraphs.

Choose a part of a book that you think would make a good play. Rewrite that part of the book in script format.


Choose any of the assignments on the board to complete five in a row.

Write a good paragraph that begins this way:

I want to read another book by [author’s name here] because…

Write a detailed Encyclopedia entry for the yellow-spotted lizard.

Choose a paragraph from the book that you think has significant meaning. Write that paragraph. Tell why it is important.

Make a timeline to show the sequence of at least ten events in a book.

Write a good paragraph that begins this way:

I disliked the book because…

Write a letter to introduce yourself to a character the book you read. Tell the character why you want to get to know him/her better.

Make a Venn Diagram to compare yourself to one of the characters.

Write a speech (5-10) sentences to be given by Stanley in court to convince the judge that he is innocent.

Write a letter to the author of a book. Tell what you thought of the book and why. Ask two questions to help you better under-stand the book.

Write an alternate ending for the book. It should be at least 2 paragraphs.

Choose three events in a book. Tell about the events by writing diary entries from one character’s perspective.

Write a good paragraph that begins this way:

The book made me think seriously about

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    Thank you.

    I've saved this assignment so that I can refer to it this summer.

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