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A plane is heading west at 200 mph. The wind is blowing S30°W at 25 mph.

1. What is the ground speed of the plane?

2. When you solve the triangle, what is the smallest angle?

3. What is the largest angle of the triangle?

4. What is the remaining angle?

5. What is the bearing of the plane?

Please help, I been on this for TWO MONTHS* and my teacher won't help me out. (I'm home-schooled.)

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    You'd better find another school -- if you've been on this for two months and your parents/home-school teacher won't help you.

  • Geometry -

    This is a routine question, and would be an introductory type of question in a course of vector geometry.
    The fact that " I been on this for TWO MONTHS* " (your grammar also needs improvement) illustrates my objection to "home schooling"
    ..... end of editorial...

    I have a triangle with sides of 200 and 25 with a contained angle of 120°
    let the side opposite your 120° angle be x
    by the cosine law ....
    x^2 = 200^2 + 25^2 - 2(200)(25)cos120°
    x = 213.6
    so the ground speed of the plane is 213.6 mph

    The smallest angle would be opposite the 25 side, by sine law
    sinØ/25 = sin120/213.6
    sinØ = .10136..
    Ø = 5.8

    largest angle is 120°
    smallerst is 5.8°
    third angle is 54.2°

    bearing of plane is W 5.8° S

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