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Taken as a whole, what would you say is the single most pressing problem found in Latin America or South America? What possible solutions can you develop?

My Answer:

In my opinion, the most pressing problem would have to be the management of poverty. South America is a huge country with lots of potential for its people, but it needs some firm leadership.
Land is very unevenly distributed and there are mainly 2 social categories: Rich and Poor, poor being the majority with a tiny percentage of people you can call "Middle Class".
As for a solution, the government should have a set goal and while working on things to better the tourism aspect of the country, they should have equal importance for the poor and do more that would benefit them.
They can distribute land more efficiently, take charge of extra land and then evenly distribute it to the poor so that they may have the opportunity to feed their families while still being able to make a profit. Education for the under-privileged children should be the top priority, because their education is what is going to help them have a successful future. Housing should be administered for the homeless to eradicate the poverty in slums.

Is that ok?

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    South America is not a "huge country" but a continent containing many countries from Columbia to Chile.

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    Oh! sorry I was typing fast.....I didn't notice. I'll change it to continent. Thanks :)

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    Is everything else ok?

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    The rest looks reasonable. However I am not a believer in tourism for economic development. Although it can help the work tends to be seasonal, low wage, and very dependent on economic cycles. If I were working in economic development for a continent I would concentrate on developing manufacturing, alternative energy and technology. Most places where you visit that are tourist meccas tend to have exactly the problems you point out, mostly poor natives, a few rich people who own everything, and a few low wage jobs for the rest.

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