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What is the following limit?
lim as n goes to infinity of (pi/n) (sin(pi/n) + sin(2pi/n) + sin(3pi/n) +...+ sin(npi/n)) =
I.) lim as n goes to infinity sigma (n and k=1) of pi/n sin(kpi/n)
II.) Definite integral from 0 to pi of sin(x)dx
III.) 2

A.) I only
B.) II only
C.) III only
D.) II and III only
E.) I, II, and III

Wow, I am really lost on this one, please help!

  • details (still need help) -

    Okay, I still haven't figured it out, but figured that option II is equal to 2. So, if II is true, then III must be true too, so this narrows it down to A, D, and E, if this helps any.

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