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construct a truth table for (p^~q) arrow p

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    To make a truth table, you will have to understand the priority of operations.
    In the case of
    (p ∧ ~q) → p
    we first evaulate ~q,
    then (p ∧ ~q) and fincally
    (p ∧ ~q) → p.

    Next, you need to have in hand the truth table of the individual operators, such as:
    p ~p
    T F
    F T

    p q p∧ q
    T T T
    T F F
    F T F
    F F F

    and finally
    p q p→q
    T T T
    T F F
    F T T
    F F T

    Hope that helps you construct the truth table you need.
    If you need further help, please post.

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