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the infrastructures of many in the region:
a. are strained by the rapid increase in population
b. add to disease and poverty
c. do not adequently support the people who live there
d. all of the above

  • world geography -

    Which region?

  • world geography -

    the infrastructures of many cities in the region:

  • world geography -

    Which region?

  • world geography -

    it don't say

  • world geography -

    To what region does the previous question refer?

  • world geography -

    my last question say something about north america, south west asia, and central asia. i quess those are the regions.

  • world geography -

    I think you mean North Africa, not North America.

    I suggest you quit working on geography tonight. Try it again tomorrow when you're thinking more clearly.

  • world geography -

    dang my bad and ok

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