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Thank you very much for your help. I will check major grammar mistakes tomorrow morning.
Can you please have a quick look at the second part and tell me which sentences need to be revised?

1) However, their most striking feature was that these cells were able to reproduce and survive indefinitely in culture media also very poor.
2) The peculiarity of this cell line, HeLa named in the name of Henrietta Lacks, are due to the fact that the papillomavirus, the pathogen responsible for the majority of cervical cancers, induced a mutation in the gene encoding the telomerase, the enzyme responsible for telomere elongation.
3) HeLa cells have a fundamental importance in scientific research so that it is estimated that there are tons of these scattered cells in laboratories throughout the world.
4) In fact, despite their character tumor, the majority of these metabolic processes are similar to those of healthy cells and their characteristics make them excellent scientific models. 5) The cells of Henrietta Lacks were used for the study of cancer therapy and AIDS, to study the effect of radiation and toxic substances on the body, for the human gene mapping, for anticancer chemotherapy, to study the cloning, fertilization in vitro, herpes, leukemia, Parkinson's disease. 6) A few years after their discovery, in 1952, allowed these cells to Jonas Salk developed the polio vaccine, and in recent times have even been sent into space to test the strength and the reactions of human cells in conditions of weightlessness .
7) Five Nobel prizes have been awarded for research performed on these cells.
Leigh Van Valen Researchers and Stanley M. Gartler argue that this cell line is considered a new species of single-celled organism, called Helacyton gartleri, because of its unique characteristics.
8) HeLa cells represent the first example in history of science of immortalized cells, and currently by studying these cells and the cell aging process, in particular of telomeres and telomerase, you can create immortal cell lines in the laboratory.

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