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Physics(Please help)

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Determine the final speed assuming that the time elapsed since t=0 is 2.4s.

Initial velocity is +12m/s
acceleration is +3.4m/s^2

I tryed doing 12/2.4 and then 12/3.4 but both of these were incorrect? I am not sure what to do.

Thank you.

  • Physics(Please help) -

    Here is what you know:
    V(t) = Vo + (a/2)t^2
    Vo = 12 m/s
    a = 3.4 m/s^2
    t = 2.4 s

    V(t=2.4) = 12 + 1.7 * (2.4)^2
    = 21.792 m/s

  • Physics(Please help) -

    When I put 21.792 m/s as my answer my online homework said it was incorrect. Why??

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