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Algebra 2

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An ice-cream parlor sells sundaes with 3 different types of ice-cream and 4 different toppings. They have 8 flavors of ice-cream and 10 toppings for their customers to chose from.what is the probability that a customer orders a sundae including chocolate and strawberry ice cream?

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    There are 3 different types (brands?) ice creams EACH with 8 flavours, and 4 types (styles?) of toppings EACH with 10 flavours.

    In all, there are 3*8=24 different ice creams and 4*10=40 toppings, for a total sample space of 40*24=960 items.

    Given that the ice cream has chocolate OR strawberry (nothing in the questions says we can combine flavours), it is 2 flavours out of 8 ice cream flavours.
    The probability is therefore 2/8=1/4.

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    I tried that already, it didn't work.

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    Did you copy the question word for word, or did you paraphrase it?
    It does not appear too clear for me about the 3 types of ice cream and 4 types of toppings apart from the flavour. Also, the qustion did not mention about multiple flavours, yet it asks for chocolate AND strawberry.
    Please check wording of the question before going further.

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