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What is the gerund phrase and noun function of the gerund in these sentences:
1.Brett earns his income by repairing cars.
2.I enjoy playing the piano.
3.Her favorite pastime is entertaining friends.
4.She is successful in mimicking others' voices.
5.He must like studying calculus.
6.Water skiing, sailing, and swimming are my favorite summer sports.
7.Writing a research paper sounds difficult.

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    This is not math!

    I'll get you started.

    1. The gerund phrase is repairing cars. It's the object of the preposition by.

    I'll be glad to check your answers for the rest of the sentences.

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    He must like studying calculus.

    Gerund phrase: He must like
    whats the Noun function?

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    Please study the site I posted for you. Gerunds are very easy to identify if you know what to look for,

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    ha! woooow! i already did look at that site. that's why im asking you. arent you a tutor? ur suppose to helpppp

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    can you pleeease help me

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    I'm so sorry you don't understand the first sentence in that site:

    "A gerund phrase will begin with a gerund, an ing word, and will include other modifiers and/or objects."

    Jiskha tutors HELP students learn, not cheat.

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    the gerund phrase is: studying calculus for the noun function I put: predicate noun, correct?

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