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a car is moving on a horizontal frictionless road and reches base of an upslope . what should be the speed of the car at the base of the upslope so that it can just reaCH its top without external force applied to it.(length of slope=15m, angle of slope=30degree, mass of car=250kg, gravity=10m/s2)

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    h = 15*sin30 = 7.5 m. = Ver. ht. of slope.

    Y^2 = Yo^2 + 2g*d
    Yo^2 = Y^2 - 2g*d
    Yo^2 = 0 - (-20)*7.5 = 150
    Yo = 12.25 m/s=Initial Ver. component of velocity.

    Vo=Yo / sin30 = 12.25 / sin30=24.5 m/s
    @ bottom of slope.

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