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i need help with poem and need to identify each province by giving a line frm poem.

ontario and quebec be bunk house & brawnymen, prince edward island be little girl, great fisherman be nova scotia and new brunswick, BC be hunchback. Alberta, saskatchewan & manitoba be "three flat faced.

what the poet trying to find in poem? do he discover it? he just tieing all nations together?

The Provinces

First, the two older ones, the bunkhouse brawnymen,

biceps and chest, lumbering over their legend:

scooping a river up in the palm of the hand,

a dangling fish, alive; kicking open a mine;

bashing a forest bald; spitting a country to crop;

for exercise before their boar breakfast,

building a city; racing, to keep in shape,

against the white-sweatered wind; and always

bragging comparisons, and reminiscing

about their fathers’ even more mythic prowess,

arguing always, like puffing champions rising

from wrestling on the green.

Then, the three flat-faced blonde-haired husky ones.

And the little girl, so beautiful she was named—

to avert the evil of the evil eye—

after a prince, not princess. In crossed arms cradling her,

her brothers, tanned and long-limbed.

(Great fishermen, hauling out of Atlantic

their catch and their coal

and netting with appleblossom the shoals of their sky.)

And, last, as if of another birth,

the hunchback with the poet’s face; and eyes

blue as the glass he looks upon; and fruit

his fragrant knuckles and joints; of iron morrow;—

affecting always a green habit, touched with white.

Nine of them; not counting

the adopted boy of the golden complex, nor

the proud collateral albino,—nine,

a sorcery of numbers, a game’s stances.

But the heart seeks one, the heart, and also the mind

seeks single the thing that makes them one, if one.

Yet where shall one find it? In their history -

the cairn of cannonball on the public square?

Their talk, their jelous double-talk? Or in

the whim and weather of a geography

curing in drifts about the forty-ninth?

Or find it in the repute of character:

romantic as mounties? Or discover it

in beliefs that say:

this is a country of Christmas trees?

Or hear it sing

from the house of towers, from whose towers ring

bells, and the carillon of laws?

Where shall one find it? What

to name it , that is sought?

The ladder the nine brothers hold by rungs?

The birds that shine on each other? The white water

that foams from the ivy entering their eaves?

Or find it, find it, find it commonplace

but effective, valid, real, the unity

in the family feature, the not unsimilar face?

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    I think the poet finds a unity in the nine provinces. Although they are different, they all make up one country, unified by their history.

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    Thanks very much ms. sue :)

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    You're very welcome, Mohammad.

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