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Consider the poems, short stories, and autobiographical pieces you read from the first half of the twentieth century during this semester. How did historical events and realities affect writers who were working during this time? What common threads did you observe in the works of these writers? Cite specific examples from various texts in your response.

Please help? I have no clue what to even write for this.

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    How do we have any idea about what you read?

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    Well the test is the same even after 3 years so here you go: Szymborska discussed death in terms of the civil war,where he saw much death of brothers, so it was very personal to him. This can be seen in the lines "My brother, you are now just a statistic. Dang." On the other hand, Milosz addressed it in the time he lived, which was during the space race--people did not need books and the Nazis burned all of the ones that stated U.S. landed on the moon. This is in the lines "Oh, space, space, your flames take up space, but are no more." This is how they both addressed death in their poems. Hope it helps

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