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1) How where the Anasazi able to grow crops in their dry land?

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    "Opting for a more stable life as a farming community, they began to grow crops and grew into the so-called Classic period. As many indigenous Americans, their chief crop was maize. Yet, living in the west, it was hard to ensure that rain would come. In order to more effectively farm their crops, the Anasazi peoples were able to construct an amazing system of dams, canals and other water control features.[4]

    Historical records from 900 to 1300 A.D. in Europe indicate that this was a time of changes in atmospheric circulation known as the Medieval Warm Period. In high-latitude regions this was largely beneficial: grapes were grown in England and the Norse founded colonies first in Iceland and then in southern Greenland. But in arid regions a warmer climate, especially when accompanied by drought, can cause significant difficulties for farmers. A fifty-year drought occurred between 1130 and 1180 A.D. It was during this period that soil and water conservation features such as grid borders, terraces and check dams began to be built in the Four Corners area.[5]
    Yet the Anasazi were capable of continuing in their lands in that situation. They had built a number of reservoirs.[2] Their dams were built not necessarily to retain water, but to retain silt. “Intermittent water running down the small drainage courses deposited silt behind the dams. The silt, which was often several feet deep, would retain moisture for a considerable period of time. The Pueblo farmers used those areas as small farming plots.” (ibid.) They built an irrigation ditch more than four miles long.[6] [T]he Anasazi were able to successfully grow enough corn, squash, beans, and cotton to satisfy subsistence needs and create a surplus. (See [4], quoting R. Douglas Hurt, Indian Agriculture in America 21-26 (1987))."

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