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graphing trig functions

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for graphing basic trig functions such as y=2sinx or y=1/3cosx, how do you know what the points are to graph with out using a calculator?

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    You can pick as many x points as you want. The more you plot, the easier it is to plot a smopoth and accurate curve.

    For the y values that go with each x, you need a calculator, a special slide rule or a table of trig functions. Hardly anyone uses tables or slide rules anymore.

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    but for my quiz, i am not allowed a calculator

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    In that case, pick points that you know. For 2sinx, say, you know that

    sin 0 = 0
    sin pi/6 = .5
    sin pi/4 = .707
    sin pi/3 = .866
    sin pi/2 = 1
    and so on

    If you know a few key values, you can sketch the graph easily. If you don't happen to know the value of pi/3, etc, use degrees. It's easy to plot x=0,30,45,60,90, etc.

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    How to find general solutions

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