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algebra 2 help please

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D)x^2+y^2=625 X^2+(y-50)^2=1122 Y=20 (-15,20)(15,20)
E)x^2+y^2=625 X^2+y^2-200y+10000=13618 Y=18 (-20,-15)(20,-15)

1)Combine your answers from Parts D and E to pinpoint the epicenter of the earthquake

2)Graph the equations for all three stations to verify your algebraic solution.

  • algebra 2 help please -

    you can graph the three circles at wolframalpha . com by typing

    plot x^2+y^2=625, x^2+(y-50)^2=1122, x^2+y^2-200y+10000=13618

    but they don't intersect in a common point. Not sure how to interpret the results.

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