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algebra 1

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a)this sytem has excatly onw solution
b)this system has indinetly many solutions
c)this system has no solution
d)(1,1) and (0,0)

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    Isn't the second equation the same as the first?

    And how many points would satisfy the first?

    So what do you think?

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    ohhhh so just one solution right?

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    If you mean infinite not indinetly than the answer is C.
    2x-y-1=0 subtract 2x from each side
    -y-1 = -2x + 0 add 1 to each side
    -y = -2x + 1 multiply everything by -1
    y = 2x-1
    The equations are equal, so the system has infinite solutions.

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    oh ok thanks alot

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