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3 grade english ms sue

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comparative and superlative adverbs

directions underline the adverb that compares in each sentence.

1- thomas makes pizza dough faster than kemmeth.

my son underline the word-(faster,than)

2- kenneth makes sandwiches more quickly than thomas.

my son underline (quickly,than)

3- michael prepares salads the earliest of all the chefs.

my son underline (prepares,earliest)

4-the sandwich is done sooner than the pizza.

my son underline(sooner,than)

5-which of the three boys worked the longest at mr.king's restaurant?

my son underline(worked,longest)

6-of the three boys,michael works most carefully.

my son underline(most,carefully)

directions-circle the correct word in ()to complete ecah sentence.

7-of all the students, george worked on his speech (harder,hardest).

my son circle (hardest)

8- jay speaks (loudest,louder)thann katie.

my son circle(louder)

9-katie speaks (more quietly,most quietly)than the teacher.

my son circle(more quietly)

10-george talked (more excitedly,most excitedly)of all the speakers.

my son circle(most excitedly)

11-jay talked (longer,longest)than katie did.

my son circle(longer)

12-katie spoke the (slower,slowest) of all the students.

my son circle(slowest)

i just want a check my son homework is right or not thank you

  • 3 grade english ms sue -

    Omit than in each of the answers.

    2. more quickly

    3. Not prepares; it's a verb.

    5. Not worked; it's a verb.

    Everything else is correct. :-)

  • 3 grade english ms sue -

    my son underline 3- earliest,chefs

    my son underline 5- longest,restaurant

    now check again is this right or not

  • 3 grade english ms sue -

    Earliest and longest are superlative adverbs. Those are the only words that should be underlined in those sentences.

    Chefs and restaurants are not adverbs; they are nouns.

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