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1) the nations of Indochina ________
share a common language
share a common history
share a common religion
none of the above

3) which statement about austria and switzerland is not true?
the alps tower above both countries
unlike switzerland, austria has mineral resources such as iron ore
switzerland has used ustria as a model for economic renewal
dairy farming and specialized industries are important in both countries

8) what does the netherlands have that belgium and luzembourg do no that helps make it the link between much of europe and the rest of the world
europe's largest inland waterway
90 percent of it's land below sea level
a higher standard of living
50 percent of its land used for agriculture

20) the rise and the decline of Sparta can be attributed to________
their accumulation of wealth
their over emphasis on the military
their oligarchical system of government
the role of women in spartan society

1) a
3) d
8) c
20) d

  • grography -

    how has agriculture and rice production affected industrialization in southeast asia

    dependance on agriculture has made it difficult to industrialize
    agriculture has supported idusttrializatoin
    workers refuse to leave the farms to work in industry
    all the above

  • geography -

    How did you manage to get all of the first four answers wrong? Is it possible you guessed and did not read the text?

  • grography -

     the nations of Indochina ________ 
    share a common language 
    share a common history 
    share a common religion 
    none of the above 

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