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I was nominated in my school for the NHJS and in my application I'm required to write an essay. This is due tomorrow. PLEASE check my essay to see if it's good, this HIGHLY important to me.
Thanks ;)

The charter of The National Junior Honor Society requires each chapter "to make a difference in their school or community". In a typed essay, discuss ways you could help make a difference. Describe the qualities you have that will help you make a difference in our school and community. (btw --- what that just said is from my application)
I hope you enjoy reading my essay.


Make a Difference in Your School and Community

It would be an honor to apply for the National Junior Honor Society. If I was in the NHJS my goal is to make a difference in our school and community. There are many ways that I can make a difference in our school and community. To be honest with you, this year I was planning on doing this recycling project (a fun one) but for some reason I can't. The good thing is that I get to do it next year and I'm can be in charge of it. The recycling project was a recycling contest, like which class (or grade) can recycle the most. Each class (or grade) keep track on much bottles, cans or paper they recycle. The winner can go one a field trip to go watch the movies, rye Playland, or a water park at the end of the school year (around June or May). PLUS maybe go shopping in the mall. I know it' sounds silly but I know it will motivate students in our school to recycle more. I know everyone in the school recycle now but at least it would be fun for the students. I talked to Ms. Simon about it and she liked my idea (I haven't talk her the prize yet because I told her my old idea for the prize, not this one) but since she was soo busy she said that I can do it next year (btw - The reason why I talked to her because she's the advisor of the Environmental Club and my project it related to the environment) and also said that I can be in charge of it. Another community service project I thought of is making Christmas presents for the poor. Like making friendship bracelets and make a HUGE Christmas card wishing them a Merry Christmas. With that we can raise money to buy clothes or toys, wrap them and send it to them as a Christmas presents OR have a food, toy, and clothes drive. I know we have a food drive but adding the clothes (that we don't fit or wear anymore) drive would be better I guessed and adding the toy drive it's also better. We can use the toys that we don't need anymore and give it to the poor. Also raising money and donate it to Green Peace, Make A Wish Foundations or any other organizations. Also (I'm soo sorry ... lol) make posters saying STOP BULLYING blah blah blah. I have soo much ideas to make a difference, even creative ones too. I'm also participating "Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes". I love participating in programs, contests, and community service projects.
I'm currently a member of the Roots and Shoots club and on Saturday May 5, 2012 the Roots and Shoots club and other people who are not in roots and shoots went on the field trip to NYU - Roots and Shoots Day. It was soo much fun. We meet Olivia Bouler (a 11 years old girl who raise over $100,000 to help the Mexico Gulf Oil Spill), a young artist and ornithologist (person who studies birds) and I was proud the work she done. It's a long story but Google her name to find more details what she done (hint - she was on Disney Channel Friends for Change). She gave a speech about her project and how much she love birds. I want make a difference like what Olivia did. We also done some learning labs too. I don't remember what learning lab I done, but I only remember that it was the first one. So I really had a great time.
I'm also currently in the Neighbor to Neighbor Gardening Program. So far I'd been in 3 meetings and it was sooo much fun. We played fun games, make ice cream (vanilla) from scratch, planted potatoes, saw two horses, saw cows & sheeps, and much more!
With my creativity and ideas, I'll make sure that we make a difference at Chestnut Ridge Middle School and our community and I really mean it! :)

  • National Junior Honor Society Essay Check -

    Your essay is good, despite many grammatical errors.

    I suggest you have someone else read it slowly aloud to you to catch these errors.

  • National Junior Honor Society Essay Check -

    Thank You! :)

  • National Junior Honor Society Essay Check -

    You're welcome. Good luck! :-)

  • National Junior Honor Society Essay Check -

    thats nice is it ok if io take some ideas

  • NJHS Essay Check -

    You're is essay is good and cool! i love it! Hope you enter the NJHS with that perfect paper! P.S. Check you're grammar before you hand the application over. :)good luck

  • National Junior Honor Society Essay Check -


  • National Junior Honor Society Essay Check -

    good job

  • National Junior Honor Society Essay Check -

    Many gramatical errors.

  • National Junior Honor Society Essay Check -

    Don't Junior Honor Society Essays need to be in paragraphs?

  • National Junior Honor Society Essay Check -

    don't make it too personal & casual use more advanced words to impress the teacher reading. Remember this is supposed to give them a first impression

  • National Junior Honor Society Essay Check -


  • National Junior Honor Society Essay Check -

    I thought there was a limit to the number of words?

  • National Junior Honor Society Essay Check -

    Nice essay

  • National Junior Honor Society Essay Check -

    Many grammatical errors, have someone reread it to u. Don't use small everyday words, i.e the, I etc.

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