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A boy exerts a force of 15N to push a motor bike which has flat tyre for a distance at 30m.calculate the mass of the motor bike. Calculate the density of the motor bike.calculate the work done by the boy.[take g=10m|sm2

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    a. F = mg = 15 N.
    10m = 15
    m = 1.5kg.

    b. V=1.5kg * 1Lb/0.454kg * 16oz/1Lb *
    0.03Liters/1oz = 1.5859 Liters.

    V = 1.5859Liters * 1000cm^3/Liter =
    1586 cm^3.

    Density=1500g / 1586cm^3=0.946 g/cm^3.

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