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ENGLISH HOMEWORK.. Need to write a antecedent for each Pronoun that is Capitilized in sentences.?
Need to write a antecedent for each Pronoun that is Capitilized in sentences

1. Some of the Students brought THEIR lunches to the beach.
2. Ken took Meg home on HIS new motorcycle.
3. John and Eric blamed THEMSELVES for the accident.
4. The members of the class turned in THEIR term papers.
5. We found a chambered nautilus and kept IT.
6. Would you lend me ONE. of your sweaters?
7. We keep the priceless vase in ITS special cabinet.
8. The divers found pieces of coral and brought THEM back to the boat.
9. We surprised OURSELVES by winning the sailing race.
10. We could have kept the trophy, but we shared IT.

Also need to underline the pronoun and circle the ANTECEDENT.
1. None of the trees were destoryed in the storm but THEY,IT lost many branches.
2. The cats have THEIR,ITS own personalities.
3. Someone put THEIR,HER sunglasses in the wrong bag.
4. The winds of the storm may blow THEMSELVES,ITSELF out.
5. Both of SUe's sisters lost HER,THEIR purses.
6. Did either Libby or Danielle call about THEIR,Her appointment.
7. Neither Erin nor Scott ate THEIR,HIS lunch.
8. Jim and Troy have made up HIS,THEIR own minds.
9. Since when has a J-24 won ITS,THEIR first race.
10. Every ship in the race chooses ITS,THEIR course.

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    1. students
    2. Ken

    That should get you started. I'll be glad to check your answers for the rest.

  • English -

    3 John and Eric
    4 memebers
    5 chambered nautilus
    6 sweaters
    7 cabinet
    8 coral
    9 we
    10 trophy

  • English -

    7. vase
    8. pieces

    The others are correct.

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