Art and Writing Therapist

posted by Laruen

I just have a few questions.

Ok so the main point of being a Art/Writing Therapist is ...... when you talk to teenagers, children or adults about their problems in their life and you help them by writing and create art

like for example when a regular teenage girl name Carly's life is not going so well
- her boyfriend dump her
- making bad mistakes in her life (like smoking, or getting suspended from school, etc.)

and she's very upset

her parents makes a appointment for art/writing therapy

then pretend I was the art/writing therapist
so when she comes in she explains to me about her problems in her life and then I assign her to draw pictures that come to her mind when she's upset and create journal entries about her life everyday
then I give her advice blah blah
then she comes back about a week or so and then says thanks blah blah .... i moved on from my boyfriend and try to make good decides next time blah blah blah
is it something like that?
when being an art therapist does it involved writing, dance, music, and other fines arts

  1. Ms. Sue

    Yes, it's something like that.

    Art therapists may use some or all of these arts.

  2. Laruen

    wow .... thanks ms. sue

    i think that will be a better career for me

    i love helping people tho and giving people's advice

    and i love art and writing

    im going to study art, writing, pyscology, and socialogy in college

    also while they are sad i can also recommed them to read a book that i read or an activity that will get their mind off of something

  3. Ms. Sue

    You're welcome. :-)

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